About us

Partner International Group Consulting is a multidisciplinary company in the sector of animal production. Our experts have over 30 years of experience in the production of equipment, in the design of farms and procedures.
Our mission is to achieve the best solution with the quality and the right cost for each market and project, always thinking about optimizing resources of each client.
We have factories in Europe, Asia and America as well as strategic partners with long career in other countries, all with excellent quality assurance and production systems and technical and after-sales.

What we offer


Design, manufacture and assembly. We also offer technical assistance to obtain from them the best performance.


We build from scratch, expand existing farms and adapt old buildings where install all kinds of complexes related to the sector of animal production.


We offer special carbodies for transporting animals (chicken, pig, cattle, sheep, etc.). Our carbodies comply with animal welfare legislation.


We offer complete projects for raising animals (chickens for fattening, laying hens, turkeys, cows, farms …), feed mills, biogas plants, slaughterhouses, meat processing and process engineering, food processing, animal genetics … all that you may need.

We make our products and meeting EU legislation on animal welfare, as well as market-specific regulations (both legal and religious). One of the services we offer is to adapt all slaughter facilities to specifications required by Muslim religion (Halal).

These allow you to pass all sanitation controls and requirements for selling to international markets.

Contact us

Partner International Group Consulting offers a wealth of solutions for your investment to be as economically profitable in every respect. Our experts will accompany you throughout the process, giving you all the support you need with personalized attention.
We offer the chance to visit and meet us in person to show the different opportunities for collaboration that we can propose, transparently and without intermediaries, providing a very profitable investment and direct contact with all sources participating in your project.